District Documents


  1. A completed Petition will need to be sent to the management office (click here for blank Petition).
    1. Email: rebecca.h@wsdistricts.co
    2. Mail: 614 N Tejon, St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
  2. District Management will estimate what the cost is going to be.
  3. District Management will get Board approval for the cost of petition to be submitted.
  4. Property owner will submit payment for the Petition of Exclusion.
  5. District Management will review the petition(s) and their eligibility.
  6. Schedule a hearing with the Arabian Acres Board to review the petition(s) and either approve or deny based on their eligibility.
    1. Scheduled hearing will only occur on a quarterly basis in the following months: March, June, September, or December.
  7. Approved vs Denied:
    1. *If approved – Petition will be filed with County Court (as long as no additional cost is needed to be covered).
    2. *If Denied – no further action will occur.
  8. Process Completed.

AAMD Blank Petition for Exclusion 


Please click the link below to view the document.

Arabian Acres MD Service Plan

Please click the link below to view the document.

AAMD 2024 Transparency Notice