Arabian Acres Metropolitan District – FAQ’s:

  1. What are the water rates funding?
    1. CLICK HERE to review the Fee Resolution.

$60.00/ month goes towards operations and maintenance of the District, to include paying ORC fees, Management fees, Billing fees, etc. (CLICK HERE to view the Budgets and review the full scope of funds).

$65/ month goes towards Capital Costs of the District, this includes the Loans and Debt that was taken out to upgrade the water system (meters, pipe, and tanks). You can also view the annual principal and interest costs on the same Budget as the Operations and Maintenance.

Water usage is billed monthly on a tiered system for the District, this cost covers the use of the actual water. Review the Fee Resolution to understand the Tiers, and if you have a commercial rate.

  1. Is there a leak in the Pond on Donzi Trail?
    1. There is a drain pipe for the dam that has a trickle of water coming out of it at the rate of approximately 1 gallon per hour.
  2. Do we need to dredge the pond?  Would that be safe for the eco-system?
    1. Arabian Acres Metropolitan District owns the rights to the water in the pond however the pond and dam ownership and maintenance would be the responsibility of the Association, who has performed dredging in the past.
  3. In August of 2023 the ORC specified the water from Well 2 was not a leak but rather a Spring.  What are the indicators of this?
    1. The ORC has thoroughly investigated the wells and determined there are no leaks in the well valley.  Well #2 is considered an artesian well, which means during wet season the water in the well will come to the surface and out the well head due to pressure in the well when it is not running.
  4. If I believe I see a leak in the District, what do I do?
    1. Contact the District Management office right away.  Call the office at 719-447-1777 (or after hours emergency call 719-447-4840).  Take any and all photos or video that you can get to share with the District Manager, Rebecca Harris.  You may also email the photos and videos to rebecca.h@wsdistricts.co or text her at 719-266-3189.
    2. The ORC will start work right away on mitigating and repairing any leak that has been reported or noticed.
  5. If there are still issues with the Road from the 2020 Construction Project, how do we address them?
    1. The District worked with Teller County to restore the roads and Teller County has accepted and approved the Road construction.  If there are continued concerns they need to be reported to the District Manager and can be addressed on a case by case basis.
  6. If I am interested in Excluding from the District, how do I go about that?
    1. Visit the “AAMD Trout Haven Exclusion” process HERE. To be eligible you will need to meet the following criteria: Currently not receive water service from the Arabian Acres Metropolitan District, not be within 100 feet of a main service line, already have an existing well and proof of permit, and would not cause a financial burden to the District to exclude from future services
  7. Is the water safe to drink?  How do we know if there is contamination?
    1. Yes, the water is safe to drink and the state requires regular testing to be completed and filed with State Regulation on a regular scheduled basis.  CLICK HERE to review the latest water quality test (done annually), and you may visit the CDPHE website to see what the testing schedule requirements are HERE.
  8. Why does my water smell like Chlorine?
  9. Are we still paying for the cost associated with Terry Malcom’s embezzlement?
    1. No. The Arabian Acres Metropolitan District paid all costs associated with the embezzlement by 2019. The District still receives some restitution funds, not a lot, that Terry Malcom is required to pay as he works. CLICK HERE to view a detailed review of the District's Financials and Debt.
  10. Why doesn’t Cascade Metropolitan District have similar costs to pay?
    1. Visit the Cascade Metropolitan District website, specifically their FAQ page, to learn more about their funding.  Cascade Metropolitan District no longer provides water service and only collects a monthly bill for their debt service.
  11. Are meetings open for everyone to attend?
    1. Yes. All Board meetings are open to the public to attend and since 2020 the meetings have switched to an online platform.  The Board regularly meetings the 3rd Wednesday of EVERY month at 5:30 pm, you can join either online or by phone. CLICK HERE for more Board meeting information.

***Click here to view FAQ's on the District's Financials and Debt.