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Construction Schedule Update

Construction Markups Updated  September 28, 2020

9/28/2020 Construction Update Native Sun Distribution Project Schedule: This Week the crews will be finishing raw water line, tie-ins to existing system (top of Jenwood 9/28, and Gerka/Lady Lane Intersection 9/30.) Services: Services along Banner, Kenwood, Deer Ridge, Denwood, Jenwood, Lady Lane, Gerka. Testing: Testing for Denwood, Jenwood, Deer Ridge, Gerka, Lady Lane, and raw waterlines.

Vandalism at Construction Projects

There have been numerous incidents of vandalism to the traffic control warning devices around the construction projects.  These warn drivers, especially at night, of excavations or other traffic hazards.  The vandalism has removed or disabled these warnings.  Please be careful as you drive through the neighborhood.  The Sheriff's office has been notified.